The Conical Twist was an idea born out of passion by our founders Manish Arjun Ahuja & Puja Khaturia Bhatia with a mission to make pizzas more yummy and simple.
Manish Arjun Ahuja
Puja Khaturia Bhatia

An Entrepreneur Based in Dubai who brings Business expertise and years of Experience to any business. A man extremely passionate about food and ambitious to construct something unique and exquisite catered to every individuals taste.

A foodie since childhood, she always wanted to be in the f and b space. She pursued her passion for food by joining Rizvi College of hotel management and obtained a degree in culinary management. Post that she worked in India and the UK. With over 10 years of work experience in kitchens across the world, our qualified chef entrepreneur brings to the table the passion and knowledge of food to enhance our brand. Her motto is always only quality and everything else follows!!


From the moment of conception, The creators of The Conical Twist insisted that quality and deliciousness come first. Our dough is specialized to make the perfect crispy cones. Nothing is pre-made or re-heated, all cones are made-to-order. All ingredients at The Conical Twist cones have been approved by our Chef in Italy. Delizioso!


Our cones were created to provide consumers with authentic Italian pizza made from only high-quality ingredients, with mobility in mind! Our pizza cones taste better, you feel better about eating it and the best part is you won’t spill sauce down your shirt!


The Conical Twist allows our customers to enjoy a delicious meal, on the fly. We use a low-skim, low-moisture cheese to eliminate condensation and grease in our cones. You just eat it the same way you would an ice cream cone—but, you know, with biting instead of licking.


Most people love pizza, but they also have a list of things they don’t love about it. “Oil running off the slice onto my clothes”, “the sauce insisting its way onto my cheeks” and other rants are common among pizza lovers. Not at The Conical Twist. Our Cone was engineered to ensure that all of the product ended up where it’s supposed to, not on your shirt or on your face!

Owned and operated by MPM Foods LLP.